Wednesday, August 31, 2011

31/08/11 Penang

We went to penang while National Day lol
JAM JAM JAM everywhere
Took lotsa pictures
We went to Queensbay Mall
Had our lunch at Friday
Good environment but too expensive and the services were....
Then shop
I meet ErEr LXE there haha
We went to chatime to have a milk tea
Then shop at Mango and Forever 21
I bought a shirt and ErEr bought lots =D lalala
At night i had my dinner at Auto City-Swensens

A latest Vivi is a must-bring-thing 
I bought it when went to central last sunday with raymond neeta and anas
lol haha ;) kinda weird

Friday friday friday~

My drinks-Strawberry lemonade slush . Taste good


Menu of the day

My pearl milk tea heehee ;)


In the mango fitting room *laugh out loud*

Wow we're make up free todayXD hahahaha

Swensens in Auto City

My spagetti :)

That's all for today

So ngam meet ErEr LXE at there muahaha

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30/08/11 Bbq

Had a sweeeet family bbq at cousin house on the merdeka eve

My cute lil cousin sis

Sorry but i'm copying wookie's pose XD

Sorry again , hyukie's pose :)

Lastly :*

Sunday, August 28, 2011

28/08/11 Central

Annyeonghaseyo i'm back again
Don't you miss me ? Haha
I went to Central Square today
Such a sudden decision -.- lol
Neeta,Anas and Raymond come and fetch me
Omo so embarassed ! *shy shy*
Didn't talk much with Anas lah cause do not know well
We went to bowling central
My gosh i'm so siasui cause i even never touch the 'ball' before
Mond teach me
I did lot of mistakes lah haha


Anas's spec

Sorry about my face :)

Then raymond wait me wait my parents here to have a dinner together
Of course he back when my parents here

Our penang rock cancelled :( Due to Er's cousin
Today imma goin to Penang with family

Gotta stop here Bye

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Lalala i'm back although my schedule haven't finish XD
I went to HongLeong bank function
Crowded crowded !


I did a sample of nail =D

Post later :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Babe ErEr's sweet 17teen♥

Our trial exam is over yesterday
We went out to celebrate Er's birthday around lagenda ;D
Happy Birthday ErEr LXE
ai ni yi wan nian =D
Our very first station-frutti frutti

 Happy Birthday sweety :)


3rd-station 1

Happy 17teen birthday bashhh
We're goin to ROCK penang next tuesday

Finally and finally my trial exam passed just now
Byebye exam Hello holidays :D


I hope my results will not too bad and
Tadaa later i'm goin out to celebrate Er's birthday

Going to blog it tommorow :)

At last
Happy birthday to my loved

nose bleeding XD

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sad day

I'm sad when i know heenim get the enlistment of military yesterday
He gonna go to army next week and this week is the last week for Mr. simple promotion
Sad x100
Although he's not my biased but i like him much REALLY
How about our ss4 :(
Heenim cannot attend :(

Yesterday donghae yesung sungmin and eunhyuk hurt during the filming of dream team 2
Such a bad news for all ELFs

Omo this few days was unlucky
Today my MT suck :(
Bless me
Tommorow my physics will be the last paper for trial exam

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I already sit for my SPM Trial 6days
Okay it was sucksss
Every paper was sucks
Today i take 3 papers of biology
Hmm what do you think?
Of course :(
The last 3 days
Gonna hwaiting and i wish have a better results :)

Arghh can't wait for my holidays after the trial
You too right ?XD

1.Gonna go to Penang have a shopping with ErEr
2.Gonna have a bbq gathering at cousin house
3. Gonna do alotsa thingys :D
Can't wait !

Lastly,my love :)

Miss him muchiee

Can't wait for version B !!!!Excited x100

p.s. : Siwon shirtless again XD