Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 Chinese New Year Celebration

I now this is abit late but i stil wanna post about my 2013 new year celebration
We had steamboat dinner in the house and also the flying lanterns before cny , before everybody went back their hometown

I went Movida with Bracez and Jason before going back to hometown
We had so much fun 

Finally , it's Chinese new year eve ! We used to had steamboat dinner every year
I loved how 24 people stay in a small house :D
Of course , we had beer , we did played fire crackers , poker cards and mahjong

Chinese New Year day-1
As usual , we went to cousins and daddy's friend house to bainian

The 3 siaos that gathered every year since 19 years ago !

The family

Chinese New Year day-2
Went mum's family place every year
I went Aman Jaya Mall with cousies this year
Actually we wanna watch movie but there were too many people so we end up with Black Ball


Chinese New Year day-3
I went movie with cousies and meet up with Erer to watch another movie
and then , meet Mei Shan to dinner together in Edo Ichi


Mei Shan

Ah Er

Chinese New Year day-4
I went Penang with Erer then meet up with Enen
We had dinner in Love Bites but too bad i did not manage to order their famous toast ! :(
After that we party at Mois
I meet so many old friends there , feel so happy but we rushed back home very early :(

Chinese New Year day-5
I went Ipoh with family to attend a wedding dinner of my cousin
It was a happy day cause all of us stayed in a mingshu that aunt rent
The environment is soooo damn nice !

Before the dinner started,,,

3 , 2 , 1 , GO

Chinese New Year day-6
Finally i could meet up with Raymond and Sinmin - The 2 beloveds one
The chit chat and gossip day
I missed those secondary school days that we always hang out before tuition :(
My best boy's friend award goes to him !!

She's my lovely girlfriend <3 p="">

We used to play self shot together since 3 years ago :')

Then i meet up with Erer at night to movie again , weeeee

I felt that my new year celebration is awesome enough , how about you ? :D